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Magazines make learning fun

Magazines can help encourage pupils to learn about educational subjects through less formal means whilst also appealing to their passions with varied content. We supply schools throughout the UK and abroad with magazine subscriptions. This allows members of staff to use them as a key resource, to help improve independent reading skills inside and away from the classroom.

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For Primary Schools

For Primary Schools

Each month you will receive a new set of magazines. Each magazine can really benefit a children's learning and support the national curriculum targeting key assessment targets.

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A unique, social learning experience

Our magazines give children a different educational experience. One with a tactile and fun element that changes the pace and keeps your students engaged.

Magazines for Schools - Animal Planet set

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We send our magazines at the start of the month.


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Your magazines will be delivered directly to your school at the start of the month so you can plan ahead.

Your students can enjoy learning from our exciting, full-colour magazines, not just black and white handouts, which means less photocopying for you to do. We’ll let you know when you need to renew. Our customer service team can help you renew quickly and easily so there are no gaps and no double orders.


Our magazine subscription service is easy to use and the magazines support the national curriculum. Here are some testimonials from teachers who love Magazines for Schools.

Just a few of our award-winning titles

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No more black and white photocopies, just contemporary full-colour magazines.

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