Career Careers

How I became a journalist

  • Name: Georgina Cutler
  • Age: 23
  • Job: Journalist at the Sunderland Echo

What made you want to be a journalist?

“I have always enjoyed writing, I used to write stories when I was a child and take them into school for my teachers to read. I also used to read my grandad’s newspapers.”

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

“I’ve always enjoyed talking and hearing people’s stories, and that’s what journalism is about. Being able to talk to people is why I enjoy my job so much.”

What newspaper have you wrote for?

“I’ve written for The Sunderland Echo, Shields Gazette, Hartlepool Mail, Northumberland Gazette, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Economist, Real People magazine and The Express & Star.”

What qualifications did you need?

“I needed NCTJ qualifications which I got alongside my degree. I didn’t necessarily need a journalism degree to be a journalist – in my interview I was asked for either a journalism related degree or relevant writing experience.”

What does a typical day as a journalist include?

“Every reporter still works from home so when I log on, I find my story ideas for the day and email them over to my editor. My editor will then give me the all clear to start working on the stories.

If I’m on live shift, I look after social media accounts and keep an eye on emergency incidents. During the day, other stories will come in and I’ll add them to my list as I go. I interview people over the phone or in person for stories or use press releases.”